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    Anyone know what this is about? … &week=213#

    Surely it cannot be correct.

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    Wheres all the other presenters?

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    Looks like a one off for that week.

    Dont know what is the problem

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    But why such a dramatic change for 1 week?
    I think its significant that it is the only page to be updated recently,if you notice in the top its says "last updated 12th Sept" whereas the others were all updated in August.
    I think it is a new schedule.

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    "Surely it cannot be correct?" I agree, but we have got used to these eccentric schedules in recent months.

    Kay Burley all afternoon? I can avoid Sky News between 12 and 2 with little difficulty, but needing to avoid it all afternoon would cause real problems.

    And KB in the afternoons following Julie Etchingham in the mornings? Too much "personality" in the afternoons following too little in the mornings?

    It would be so sad, if justifiable, if the really talented journalists of Sky News began to look elsewhere for employment! (We can all supply our own lists, so I won’t name names.)

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    Strangest thing is to the new schedule is Jeff Randall is not on that week and next week he is only at half past 7 once next week.

    Is Jeff Randall on only once a month or something. Sorry if this one is on the wrong thread

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    Kay Burley just said on Lunchtimetime Live something along the lines of "If you keep an eye on that page
    over the next couple of weeks or so,you will notice a change first,i cant tell you more if i do i would have to
    kill you"

    I presume she could only have been talking about the extension and renaming of LL.

    Further updates to the schedlue.

    Andrew Wilson to present Live at Five on Saturdays and Sundays.

    Steve Dixon to present Sky News at 7 on Fridays,Saturdays and Sundays.

    New slot called Weekend Lunchtime between 12 and 2 on Sat and Sun.

    Saturday Live with Chris Roberts.

    Sportsline moves to 7.30 on weekends. … chan=NEWB#

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    Whats happening to Stanford & Brazier…. thats the BIG question here!
    Stanford HAS to be with Julie & Colin with Kay???????

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    whats happened to gillian joseph
    what bout emma crospy?

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    I think they are moving to one presenter across all time frames

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    i think that is stupid i think sky news will be losing all the veiweres
    why r they doin this
    do they want sky news to end?

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    i could be wrong but digitalspy is showing the new line up to be:-

    if it does go down to 1 presenter, i think Sky have forgot what they are all about (bob friend and anna botting great news with a personal touch)

    6am: Sunrise with Eamonn Holmes
    9am: Sky Today with Julie Etchingham
    1pm: Afternoon Live with Kay Burley
    5pm: Live at Five with Jeremy Thompson
    7pm: Sky News at Seven with Anna Botting
    7:30pm: Jeff Randall Live (Monday); News (Tuesday – Friday)
    8pm: News, Sport and Weather (30 minutes)
    10pm: Sky News at Ten with Anna Botting
    11pm: Sky News Tonight with Anna Botting

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    Maybe martin will be at the newswall all day to expand on the stories, Anna could be updating viewers on their emails and breaking news. Colin could be presenting from out in the field, on location of the top story? A Sky Tag Team event?…. although i expect im getting ahead of myself and overestimating the creative capacity of Sky. However this move does seem like a step back to appointment to view programs. Lets hope they get their own branding and maybe even graphics????? PLEASE!!!!!!!!

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    Martin Stanford will present the new 7.30 show(except on mondays when Jeff Randal is on).

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    fodg09 wrote:Martin Stanford will present the new 7.30 show(except on mondays when Jeff Randal is on).

    Do you know about Anna?

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    fodg09 wrote:Martin Stanford will present the new 7.30 show(except on mondays when Jeff Randal is on).

    NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2HOURS A WEEK????
    he has to be on for longer than that?
    Is it his decision to cut his hours right down?
    they should bring back his show from 8 till 10!

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    that new scheldue is a disater surely sky news bosses know that
    why are they doin
    i wanna know whats gunna happen to gillian joseph anna jones martin stamford and emma crospy
    i wont be watching sky news in morning for hour of julie etchingham that will send me straight to sleep
    i hope itv news sign gillian joseph or emma crosby

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    Yes, this all looks daft, but perhaps we should not get too worked up about it. Knowing Sky there will be yet another complete change round in a few weeks.

    When I was a young trainee teacher we were advised never to chase after a bus, a woman (or man) or a new educational idea, since another would soon come along. Has it become exactly the same with Sky schedules?

    It is such a shame that the ITV News channel doesn’t still exist, in order to keep Sky on its toes. At present it has no real competition, so we will end up watching Sky despite wall-to-wall Etchingham/Burley. Surely the heavyweights (Martin Stanford, etc) will get fed up with being sidelined and will look elsewhere!

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    They always have to mess things around. The thing is, they dont change the bad things, they just change EVERYTHING, good and bad.

    As for Kay Burley on for 4 hours, thats 4 hours I wont be watching

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    i think we should wait and see what happens on that week first before we start second guessing whats going to happen with the other presenters. They were testing using only one presenter a few weeks back, when Julie was presenting 3 hours in the afternoon on her own.

    On the new schedule Anna Botting is presenting at 7:00pm. so who is doing Sky News At Ten?

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    Im not cetain but i think Martin and Anna will present together in the evenings,the only certainty is Martin presents the 7.30 show and Anna the 7.00 show.I dont think the fact Anna’s name is in the info for News At 10 is significant because the weekend one still says its with Chris Roberts and Gillian Joseph.

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    Participant … 11,00.html

    Its slightly all over the place.Looks as though Colin and Emma’s roles will be similar to Charlotte’s on Sunrise.

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    Ive Fixed it… Sky NEED to hire me:

    06:00 – Sunrise…with Eamonn Holmes (Charlotte Hawkins)
    10:00 – Sky Today…with Julie Etchingham (Colin Brazier)
    14:00 – Afternoon Live…with Kay Burley (Anna Jones)
    17:00 – Now… with Jeremy Thompson (Gillian Josph)
    19:30 – Special Report…with Jeff Randle / Martin Brunt / Adam Bolton / Tim Marshall/ Matt Smith
    20:00 – Online…with Martin Stanford
    22:00 – Tonight…with Anna Botting

    06:00 – Sunrise….with Mark Longhurst
    10:00 – Saturday / Sunday…with Martin Stanford / Adam Bolton
    12:00 – News/Sport/Weather…with Lorna Dunkley
    14:00 – Afternoon Live…with Emma Crosby
    17:00 – Now…with Andrew Wilson
    20:00 – Online with Steve Dixon
    22:00 – Tonight…with Martin Popplewell

    And the DREAM one:

    06:00 – Sunrise with Eamonn Holmes & Charlotte Hawkins
    09:00 – Newsroom with Julie Etchingham & Colin Brazier
    12:00 – Lunchtime Live with Kay Burley
    14:00 – Online with Anna Jones
    15:00 – The Live Wall with Martin Stanford
    16:00 – City Report with Micheal Wilson & Emma Crosby
    17:00 – Live @ Five with Jeremy Thompson
    18:00 – The Bolton Factor with Adam Bolton
    19:00 – Now…with Martin Stanford
    20:00 – World Edition with Tim Marshall
    21:00 – For The Record with Anna Botting
    22:00 – News @ Ten with Jeremy Thompson
    23:00 – Tonight with Gillian Joseph
    01:30 – CBS Evening News
    02;00 – Sky News Live
    05:00 – Sky World News with Charlotte Hawkins

    06:00 – Sunrise with Mark Longhurst & Helen Fospero
    10:00 – Saturday / Sunday Live with Chris Roberts
    12:00 – Sky News Live with Allen King & Paula Middlehurst
    17:00 – Live @ Five with Andrew Wilson
    18:00 – Sky News Live with Steve Dixon & Samantha Simmons
    22:00 – Live @ Ten with Andrew Wilson
    23:00 – Tonight with Martin Popplewell
    01:30 – CBS News
    02:00 – Sky News Live

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    fodg09 wrote:,,2172611,00.html

    Its slightly all over the place.Looks as though Colin and Emma’s roles will be similar to Charlotte’s on Sunrise.

    Well at least I don’t feel so bad that I can’t get Sky News during term time anymore…
    Looks like it’ll be BBC News 24 for me from here on in.

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