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    Is Vivien coming back or….

    Sorry, but can one person from Admin told me one question: Is Vivien Creegor on her way back to Sky News Presenters?
    I have nothing to say – I?m only a TV viewer, but I could easiness found three-four new(s) presenter, there all are a lot uninspired! :angry:

    Vivien Creegor has been the anchor newsreader for the award winning, Sky World News, since 1989. She was/and is a highly skilled chairman and debate leader. Vivien chaired a series of Woman?s Health Conferences for The World Health Organisation five years ago!

    I also seen Vivien Creegor talk with Dame Vera Lynn for half an hour – nobody could understand every word. That Lady from Sky, Vivien Creegor, have style and a very good test with Dame Vera Lynn – so flexible – but we viewer?s can?t still find Vivienne anymore here……
    And I am not talking about 4-5 years – but btw. – since 1989. What happened the last half-a-year? :huh:

    Vivien Creegor – The Tide Is Hide!!!!

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    not nobody, wrong word!
    of course, everybody is right!

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    It would be good to see Viv back, at the very least doing holiday cover.
    She is one of the best assets Sky News had.

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    Thank?U for Support!!

    Thank you for your support to Vivien Creegor, gsf! Anyone else here? Maybe one member from Admin? If I said Johnnie Larkin from 2005 & mdta, what happen then!

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