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    Pop star Michael Jackson has appeared in court to deny 28 individual counts of child abuse including one charge of conspiracy to abduct a child.

    He is also accused of extortion, four counts of lewd acts on a child, false imprisonment, giving alcohol to a child and child molestation.

    (Sky News)

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    Personally, I think he will get charged with all of those but I don’t if he Really did them. All the media hype certainly makes me confused.

    What does everyone else think? Guilty or Not Guilty?



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    Amongst all these multiple charges of child molestation against him, new ones just keep coming in, involving allegations of child abduction, false imprisonment and extortion.

    It’s not normal for an adult man to spend nights with young children, boys, socializing with them all the time, buying them things,….Guilty or not, he should really change his behaviour! Sad and lack off childhood is really not the reason for playing with children all your life.



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    He’s a disgrace.

    Moynahan etc,did you notice how his friend was telling Anna Botting that he has still the mind of a 14year old? His friend being uri gellar.

    He’s disgraceful.

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    I was wondering what the latest is regarding the Michael Jackson court case? Did he get charged? I’ve lost touch with the coverage of it.

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    From http://media.guardian.co.uk/diary.
    Shamone! What a transformation. Eh-hee! Sky News and Sky One have hired Michael Jackson impersonator Edward Moss to play the prince of pop in its reconstructions of his California trial for alleged sexual abuse. Avid Merrion must have been busy bottling his sex wee. But then again, Moss’s Jacko impersonation credits do include Nip/Tuck and Scary Movie 3. He says: “This is my biggest challenge to date and I am aware that my portrayal will be followed by millions every day.” Millions? Eddie, have you seen the ratings for Sky News and Sky One recently?


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    Jackson fell ill on the way to the court today, he is in the A&E Dept of the local hospital.

    Matt Smith is in the U.S (LA)

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    I read with dread that Sky news is going to provide saturation coverage of the michael jackson trial – Yet again sky news is going for sensationalism – over the top coverage – News of the world level reporting. Time to find the remote contol again I think –
    Do we really need to have this level of coverage?

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    Sky are using a static ticker promoting the court reconstructions

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    Well I for one will be taping the reconstructions of what happens in court as when this case blows up and Michael is found Innocent of all these lies it will be intresting to look back at how it all happened.

    Also I one can not wait for the truth to come out, so far most thing on the news have been bias against Michael Jackson and all the leaks in the case have been against Michael. While Michael and his legal team have been trying to do there job following the laws, Tom Sneddon and Santa Barbra DA’s office has been trying to taint the jury pool. Do these people not think Michael deserves a fair trial?

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    Well I for one will be taping the reconstructions of what happens in court as when this case blows up and Michael is found Innocent of all these lies it will be intresting to look back at how it all happened.

    I still believe in the Tooth Fairy.

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    Hurdy+Feb 28 2005, 05:35 PM–>(Hurdy @ Feb 28 2005, 05:35 PM)
    I still believe in the Tooth Fairy.

    I am happy for you, but while I can list facts that can point towards Michael Jackson being set up, you just throw childish insults because you know you cant win.

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    kev667+Feb 10 2005, 09:50 AM–>(kev667 @ Feb 10 2005, 09:50 AM)
    Eddie, have you seen the ratings for Sky News and Sky One recently?

    I believe it’s a co-production with a US channel, so there will be quite a few watching across the pond as well.


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    Sorry chap, I thought it was Michael Jackson on trial.

    When I checked the ‘reconstruction’ of the trial it showed a middle-aged white woman/alien type person.

    I must be getting confused.

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    yeah thats him

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    So what do you think now the trial is a week old, are you all so sure of Michael Jackson’s guilt or are you now begining to wounder.

    One by one all of the witness’s have been torn to pieces by the defence and they are only just starting on Star Arvizo (accusers brother) and they have got a lot out of him as well.

    I can not belive this case has got this far though had they not been prosecuting Michael Jackson this would not be on trial, then again it seems that if you commit a crime in this state you will get away with it, where as if you are a law obiding citizen they will just charge you with anything and everything hoping that somthing will stick.

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    This is an interesting development…
    Michael Jackson didn’t come to the court this morning, apparently because of some back problems. If he is not in court in one hour, judge will repeal his bail for 3 million $ and a warrant for his arrest will be put out.

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    Jacko’s late for court after a detour to the hospital. Will the judge accept his reasons or will he chuck the bleached one into prison tonight. Gripping stuff even if sky coverage is a bit naff.

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    Can anyone tell me if Michael Jackson British victim Terry George is to give evidence at his trial?

    His website makes very interesting reading. http://www.terrygeorge.co.uk/home/?f=13/Me…el_Jackson.html

    He was on the C4 documentary Michael Jackson’s Boys and he is listed as a witness in the trial but I have not seen him at court yet. Is he in the U.S?

    This list is being distributed around the internet. But how true is it?

    Defense List :

    Brett Barnes — friend of MJ’s when he was a kid; possible character witness
    David Blaine — possible character witness
    Ed Bradley — saw the accusing family at Neverland the day after the LWMJ documentary
    Ben Brafman — ex MJ lawyer
    Miko Brando —either possible character witnesses or key players
    Prudence Brando — daughter of Miko Brando; granddaugther of Marlon Brando
    Kobe Bryant — the accusing mother said that she was friends with him and that he could get her out of trouble
    Aaron Carter — possible character witnesse
    Nick Carter — possible character witness
    Steve Cochran — ex-MJ lawyer
    Deepak Chopra — possible character witness
    Rita Cosby — saw the accusing family at Neverland in April
    Ian Drew — editor of US magazine; did a few articles on Michael
    Corey Feldman — friend of MJ when he was younger
    Uri Gellar — introduced Michael to Bashir for LWMJ Documentary
    Mark Geragos —MJ ex lawyer; was there at the beginning of the timeline(S)
    Barry Gibb —possible character witness
    Steve Harvey — possible character witness; possible connection to Laugh Factory (??)
    Michael Jackson — defend himself
    Prince Jackson — son of Michael Jackson; possible eye witness and character witness
    Paris Jackson — daughter of Michael Jackson; possible eye witness and character witnesse
    11 members of the Jacksons — possible character witnesses
    Rodney Jerkins — possible character witness
    Quincy Jones — possible character witness
    Jay Leno — knew the family through Jamie Masada’s Laugh Factory
    Mark Lester — possible character witness
    Emmanuel Lewis — known Michael ever since he was a child; possible character witness
    Larry King ???
    Maury Povich — was host of the Rebuttal video
    Brett Ratner — key player
    Wade Robson — friend of MJ’s when he was younger; character witness
    Diana Ross — possible character witness
    Debbie Rowe — ex-wife of Michael’s
    Thomas Sneddon Jr. — SBDA; showed vendetta in case; put himself as a witness in case due to him personally investigating the case
    Bryan Michael Stoller — character witness
    Liz Taylor — possible character witness
    Chris Tucker — key player
    Frank Tyson — key player
    Serena Williams — Florida (no elaboration)
    Stevie Wonder — possible character witness
    2 Santa Barbara Investigators
    8 Members of the Accusing Family
    2 Family Members will testify against the accusers
    NEVERLAND EMPLOYEES – Testified during pre-trial

    Prosecution List:

    Janet Arvizo — the main character in this case
    XXXXXX – Accuser
    XXXX- Accuser’s brother
    XXXXXX’s sister
    XXXXXX Grandmother
    XXXXXX GrandFather
    Kassim Abdool — Neverland employee who sued MJ in 93 for wrongful termination; lost lawsuit
    Melanie Bagnall — Neverland employee who sued MJ in 93 for wrongful termination; lost lawsuit
    Martin Bashir — ITV/ABC Journalist who interviewed MJ in the LWMJ Documentary that is at the center of this case
    Ben Brafman — MJ ex-lawyer in this case
    Terry George — British Businessman who has recorded telephone conversations of MJ talking about masturbating himself over the telephone in 79.
    Ralph Chacon — Neverland employee who sued MJ in 93 for wrongful termination; lost lawsuit
    Sandi Domz — Neverland employee who sued MJ in 93 for wrongful termination; lost lawsuit
    Mark Geragos — MJ ex-lawyer in this case
    Major Jay Jackson – step father of accuser
    Bob Jones — ex employee of Michael Jackson
    James Masada — friend of the acussing family; said the accuser was dying and in need of blood and a kidney; went around television stating he is the one that introduced the accuser to MJ when in fact he did not.
    Adrian McManus— Neverland employee who sued MJ in 93 for wrongful termination; lost lawsuit
    Debbie Rowe — ex-wife of Michael Jackson
    1993 Accusing Family — not enough details to know which family this is
    NEVERLAND EMPLOYEES – Testified during pre-trial

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    I think he is guilty. Whether or not he will be found guilty who knows. I just wonder if Jordy Chandler will be brought to the stand.

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    Breaking news:

    The judge in the Jackson trial will ALLOW past allegations as evidence.

    Jordy Chandler will take the stand.

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    if m/j is found guilty i will destroy cd s of him,he and j/king are a disgrace.

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    Eh I don’t get it! How many times have Sky changed the presenter for their MJ reconstruction programme?

    Yes I know it’s been quite a long trial so far but I think they could swapped between two presenters rather than the four right now!

    Colin Brazier, Jayne Secker, Jonathan Samuels and now hey’ve got Barbara Serra (who I thought was in Italy last week).

    On another note, I’ve got to say Barbara’s reporting in Rome (and in Turin) during the last month has been absolutely first class!

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