Memory glasses could help wearers find their keys

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    British and German scientists are developing memory glasses that record everything the user sees.


    The glasses can play back memories later to help the wearer remember things they have forgotten such as where they left their keys.

    Researchers at the University of Bielefeld and the University of Surrey Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering are behind the invention.

    They say the glasses do not just record what the user sees but also allows the user to “label” items so information can be used later on.

    The wearer could walk around an office or factory identifying certain items by pointing at them. Objects indicated are then given a blank label on a screen inside the glasses that the user then fills in.

    Boffins who developed it say it could be used in industrial plants by mechanics looking to identify machine parts or by electricians wiring a complicated device.

    A spokesman for the project, headed in the UK by the University of Surrey’s Dr Josef Kittler and in Germany by Professor Gerhard Sagerer, said: “A car mechanic for instance could find at a glance where a part on a certain car model is so that it can be identified and repaired.

    “For the motorist the system could highlight accident black spots or dangers on the road.”

    In other cases the glasses could be worn by people going on a guided tour, indicating points of interest or by people looking at panoramas where all the sites could be identified.

    The team is continuing to work on the system which it hopes will be commercially available next year.

    BUT… what happens if you forget where you put your memory glasses? then you’re F**Ked

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    I can’t quite work out whether this is for real or not.

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    I saw some programme about a year ago which was showing new technology that could be used by astronauts on a possible trip to Mars. Basically, inside the space suit visor there would be a camera and sensors attached to muscles around the eyes or eyelids, and an onboard computer. By blinking the astronaut could basically take snaps, organise information, type up remarks etc while viewing a projected image in the corner of the visor with a retinal controlled cursor. Anyway, it was all basically up and running and had been used in trials. Something similar here I suppose.

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    It’s not April 1st is it?

    I have a lovely vision of hordes of people wandering around wearing these things…. ????

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    maybe they wouldnt even need to wander around..? if they could be immersed in a VR world, ala Red Dwarf.. or possibly Star Trek, but i’m not a fan

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    you’d have to take it off when you went to the bank, so you wouldn’t be able to remember your pin code anyhow.

    Star Trek…yup, the first series. Would go very well with Spock ears or Uhura earrings.

    Can you imagine how horrendous it would be to remember everything you see?

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