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    At least 131 people have been killed and more than 400 injured in coordinated bomb attacks on rush-hour trains in Madrid.

    Officials say the Basque separatist group Eta was behind the explosions – three days before the country’s general election.

    The Spanish Government described it as “a massacre” and declared three days of mourning.

    Tony Blair said the attack underlined the threats faced from terror.

    His Foreign Secretary Jack Straw called the attack a “disgusting assault”.

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    The latest: 173 dead.

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    Colin Brazier is in Madrid.

    David Chater, David Bowden and the award winning Jeremy Thompson has flown out to Madrid.

    JT anchoring from Madrid with Chris and Juliette in the studio.

    David Bowden live from Bilbao

    Colin Brazier live from Madrid.

    David Chater – Package.

    Jonathan Samuels – Package.

    Lisa Holland – Package who’s to blame?

    Francis Tusa – Sky News Centre.

    James Matthews live from Glasgow reporting on tonights football match.

    LittleJohn has been dropped for tonight and will return on Monday.

    and the latest is 190 killed and 1,247 hurt.

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    David Chater is on package, but he is in Madrid too. Sky seem to be going all out on this horrific story, and to be honest this is what they excel at. in the last hour Chris and Julliette haven’t said anything, its all been JT.

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    Chris Roberts appears to be on a double shift this evening, he has now be joined by Paula Middlehurst.

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    Makes sensefor Chris to be on two shifts, he hadn’t really had much to do on Live at Five, i wonder how long JT will anchor for? Maybe until 11 or 12, then back for sunrise?

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    Huw Edwards is anchoring the BBC 10 o clock news from Madrid tonight. Seems that a lot of news channels now follow sky’s lead and put a main anchor at the scene of big news, Channel Four news had their main anchor, (whose name i forget) in Madrid tonight too.

    Amazing how quickly Sky mobilised to get so many top correspondants in Madrid for this afternoon.

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    Channel 4 presenter is Jon Snow.

    Sportsline was on at 10.30pm I think this is the first bit of sport all day. Weather was on and off.

    I have also noticed that they have turned the White lights off at the side of the front desk. I wonder if this has anything to do with todays news?

    Sky’s coverage has been great today, and after having a very small look at the other news networks it would seem everyone has tried there hardest to bring us the story live from the scene. So well done all.

    Gordon Radley is now on air with Paula Middlehurst.

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    By some amazing stroke of luck I was able to reach my friends in Madrid and ascertain that they were all okay, although one of them told me that the phone systems were all logjammed.

    Having lived in Spain for almost 10 years I know that the Spanish people will recover from this situation more quickly than citizens of most other countries. There is a tremendous sense of community here and respect for human life and happiness, also the extended family is the norm rather than a rural aberration.

    I have seen reserves of kindness and compassion here that actually make me feel rather horrible, cynical and unworthy.

    Good coverage by Sky, by the way…

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    JT has been presenting from Madrid since 6am today

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    The commitment to news that European and North American broadcasters have to news just amazes me. For CNN, Christine Armanpour was on the scene within a few hours of the event, CNN, BBC World, SKy UK all taking continous coverage of what has been a devastating attrocity.

    198 now dead, 1400+ injured, death toll sadly expected to rise.

    Yet Sky News Australia have really proved how pathetic they are. At 9:30pm AEST they were showing the first 30mins of Sky News Today, of which was 30minutes old. Then at 9:55 it goes off, ads come on. 10pm News on the Hour on… I go to BBC World.

    Check again at 10:25pm, not even 3 hours since the first bombs went off and what are SNA doing???

    Checking the weather. Next story – Sydney fashion parade!!!

    I flick to Fox… Madrid. CNN… Madrid… BBC… Madrid… CNBC… Madrid… Bloomberg… Madrid…

    Back to SNA…CRICKET

    Sadly not only is it typical of Sky News Australia, it is also typical of the press in general in this country. The front pages of the papers today had a bried pocket devoted to the story, the rest all irrelevant crap such as a drunk politician. Who cares? Theres more to the world than some drunk state politician.

    BskyB should take over Sky News Australia 100%.

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    Which lights do you mean? the overhead ones above the desk?

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    No – on the sides.

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    I really wish I could understand Spanish as their news is wall to wall and looks interesting, like Sky’s which I can’t see and now really miss. French TV bulletins are not great to put it mildly. Can anyone please keep me updated on the latest. Spanish TV says lots of immigrants have been killed or injured (at least that’s what I can make out). And is there any more on whether it was ETA, an Al Qaeda offshoot or some combination?

    Btw there are silent and moving protests all over the Spanish Pays Basque cities (like Bilbao and San Sebastian/Donostia) although I am sure you are seeing them on Sky as well. At 12 noon today even the citizens of glitzy Biarritz turned out in the rain. It is very moving.

    How do we stop these attacks? Is it possible?

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    Zapping between the Ch’s Sky News was the most informative and compelling viewing. News 24 on the other hand was very bland with one BBC presenter interviewing another on & on – coupled with long endless studio interviews with knowledgeable personages.

    Our dear old friend Simon look very deflated on News 24. I sense he’s missing the action and pining for reporting live from the scene – like his old buddies on Sky News are doing excellently.

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    I wasn’t impressed with that “expert” who popped up several times who kept on saying that Spain shouldn’t have 3 days of morning, that self-pity won’t help, and that they should be more like Israel and act like business is normal. If Spain wants 3 day’s of national morning then thats up to them. I think he wasn’t being that thoughful.

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    Zapping between the Ch’s Sky News was the most informative and compelling viewing.     News 24 on the other hand was very bland.

    Our dear old friend Simon look very deflated on News 24.  I sense he’s missing the action and pining for reporting live from the scene – like his old buddies on Sky News are doing excellently.

    This is without even a shadow of a doubt what JT does best. I personally get uncomfortable watching him presenting the regular bulletins, however, when he is doing this ‘correspondent-anchor’ role he excels over any other british presenter. Forget your Huw Edwards (whom I normally appreciate) or Mark Austin or even the excellent Jon Snow.

    I must say though, I think Sky have got the balance wrong here, in that there is no balance. They should make way for some other news, if only briefly.

    I am also disappointed with Colin Brazier. He was brilliant during Gulf War II but his live interviews with ‘joe public’ are quite poor.

    And finally, Simon McCoy did look rather deflated and uninspired. Well wouldn’t you if you were up against JT?

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    I sure that i speak for all Sky News fans when I say i am sickened by the events in Spain yesterday (3/11). Sky News have and continue to provide The Best coverage of these very sad events.

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    Are Sky putting these terrible events in the context of the upcoming Spanish election and the tensions between the Basque politicians/region and Madrid or are they focussing on the bombs, the human suffering, the ‘who did it’ factor and tonight’s massive and very moving demonstrations?

    And I suppose that Sky (and all the other broadcasters) are not really showing images of the full horror of what bombs actually do to people. The French TV coverage is totally sanitised; they show weeping people and mangled trains. I don’t mean early when children are watching, but I get angry that viewers are not allowed to SEE what the journalists and cameramen (and the poor B****** rescue workers & medicos) get to see. Just maybe it would make more people realise just how appalling this is in reality; not just a ‘dramatic event on TV’. I know there’s a line to be drawn and it’s difficult but sanitising terrorism’s real effect on real people serves no purpose in my opinion.

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    I read that the Brit newspapers all altered a photo which showed a severed limb. That is unacceptable I agree.

    I was so shocked by what so called human beings could do yesterday. Today’s protests by the Spanish in their millions goes some way to restoring one’s faith in humanity. My heart goes out to them and especially to those who still do not know what has happened to their loved ones.

    I went to a friend to watch some of Sky’s coverage and it looked very good in general.

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    I sure that i speak for all Sky News fans when I say i am sickened by the events in Spain yesterday (3/11).  Sky News have and continue to provide The Best coverage of these very sad events.

    Yes indeed, the events yesterday in Madrid really were sickening and utterly despicable.

    From what I’ve seen on the TV during the last two days, the Sky News coverage of that tragic event is the best and the most interesting. That’s because it’s events like the bombs in Madrid that Sky News ‘do’ best. Anyone can cover run-of-the-mill events, but Sky News move in to top gear when major events happen, which probably explains why everyone does switch to Sky News first when major things like that do happen. They do it the best!

    Jeremy Thompson was on my TV screen from Madrid this morning before I went to work, and he was still anchoring from Madrid when I got home from work. It’s professionalism like that which makes him the best in the business, and his dedication to his work is there for all to see. His recent award was indeed well deserved.

    The only sad thing about the carnage in Madrid and the resulting excellent Sky News coverage, is that so many people have to die in these sort of things. Us news enthusiasts find the coverage of these type of events compelling TV viewing, but the other side of the coin is that there are so many people in Spain mourning lost members of their families and friends. So let us not forget them.

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    Stevo (and others) – there are silent protests and classical music open air concerts – in the rain – around the Basque cities today. We went to the small, open air silent protest – against all terrorism – in ‘our’ little town. It felt important to go. Very emotional and visually paradoxically vibrant and beautiful with the colourful umbrellas all huddled together. Afterwards quite a few of us went to look at the sea in silence. This won’t be forgotten around here or in Spain.

    What is Sky covering and saying? No-one here believes that it was ETA. They all think Al Qaeda or their followers as it was too well co-ordinated, lethal and took place on the anniversary of Aznar’s signing up with Bush for the Iraq war. But mostly the emphasis of the media coverage is on the suffering and inhumanity.

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    Well because no one knows if it is ETA or Al Qaeda Sky is taking a ‘Who was it?’ stance.

    Lisa Holland, David Bowden and Katharine Witty have all done packages about was it ETA or Al Qaeda.

    So Sky are still open to the possibility that it could have be ETA or could have be Al Qaeda.

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    We will not official know who is responsible for the attack, till the elections in Spain are over. Confirming that ETA is not responsible, could be damaging for the current government.


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