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    Not that I ever watch Five News but it seems strange that Kirtsy Young won’t be presenting it anymore… I always thought she was alright as a presenter. It’s just Five "News" I’m not too keen on.

    There’s a great blog at if you get a chance to read it. My favourite bit is in assesing Kirsty Young’s legacy they say:

    If imitation was a form of flattery, then Five’s ITN-produced news programme was very flattered indeed. First up with Channel 4 News’s reinvention with a brightly coloured studio and "soft area" – AKA a sofa – where Jon Snow could conduct his interviews.

    On BBC1 and ITV presenters gradually came out from behind their desks to present the news standing up, while Sky News took it to its illogical conclusion two years ago with an ill-fated relaunch that saw no fewer than three different presenters stood up around a single desk, like drinkers in a crowded bar unable to find a seat.

    Sounds about right to me…

    Does anyone think her desk perching has made a decent impact on British broadcast news or has it just put an emphasis on style over substance?

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    Without a doubt, style over substance IMO.

    LOL @ Sky quote

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    Well there was certainly no substance to her last Five News – they rushed through all the actual news as quickly as possible so they could get to something about school uniforms and a big boat…

    Can’t believe I bothered to sit through it, thought she might have some words of wisdom as she signed off her last show. No such luck, just "Thanks for watching".

    Bye Kirsty!

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