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    I think that we should all chip in and save and give johnnie a little thank you for all his hard work as geordieboi and mr.byrne have already said. I don’t expect people to give their visa details. what i’m propsosing is that johnnie tells us his address and we simply put a few pounds into an envelobe and send it to him. I’m not talking about your weeks wages i just mean 2 or 3 pounds.

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    I for one would be prepared to donate to the site!

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    Of course i’d help out.

    That’s what friends are for isn’t it!
    You can rely on us Johnnie, just give us the nod.

    Good luck with everything.

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    Mr Byrne

    How much does it cost? I for one will not send cash by post, can we send a cheque? How much does it cost and how many people are willing to give?

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    i would be happy to give, Johnnie was you ever thought about setting up a Nochex or Fastpay account to let people donate

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    mr byrne, cost depends on several factors, such as the type of hosting package he uses to store the pages and files of the site. lower/basic packages can cost just a couple of pounds a month, but the more advanced packages are obviously a bit more costly. i think it would be up to johnnie to decide whether or not he would accept our help and if so to give us a rough idea of the sort of costs that need to be covered. but i for one would be happy to help out to keep the site going in the form of a donation.

    come on guys/girls, there’s plenty of us here, let’s see how much support we can get going?

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    80 people have viewed this page (up to now) but only 9 have voted whats wrong with the rest of ye. he made the site for ye aswell.

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    yep – i’ll donate…..count me in……where do I send money? To Whom do I make my cheque payable?

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    With some in depth discussions with Johnnie it looks likely skynewscentre is about to be resurrected….

    More news to come over the next 48 hours.

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