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    The other thread on this topic seems to have become closed??


    I agree with both posters about Kay.

    When I come home from work if my wife is waching the ITV News Channel then I know it can mean one of two things – Kay Burley or Emma Crosby.

    I NEVER routinely watch any other news channel except when these women are on.

    Kay is irritating. You can tell when she disagrees with the interviewee as she is too strident.

    Worse than that though is when there is a sad news story and she exhibits her gushing concern which always seems forced.

    This comming from a person who used to regulary visit the “Special Kay” website when it was around.

    Emma has an unfortunate smirk on her face all the time so I cant take her seriously.

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    It hasn’t disappeared, just that not many people are interested in reading about snide comments about Kay, or Emma or any other presenter for that matter. It has been covered so much before on these forums that it is a little saturated now.

    I may be wrong, that’s my opinion, but the level of replies in the last few days would seem to agree.

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    YES, We’ve been through this so many time. NO MORE.

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