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    Isla is to leave Five News when the station axes the Five News at 7 programme in the autumn.

    Wonder what’s next for this beautiful lady?

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    Further to this, Five News at 7 being replaced by an hour long programme partly presented by…IAN WRIGHT!!!

    Unbelievable! A consumate pro in Isla being axed in favour of a complete buffoon!!!

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    I will miss Isla.

    Five News’ ratings will go down both because of Isla and Five News at 7 was a great programme.

    I hope Five News doesn’t do well when they get rid of a popular programme.

    Have you seen the line-up of presenters for whatever it’s going to be called?!

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    Indeed Scott – Melinda Messenger (OK), Kate Walsh (failed Apprentice contestant) & Ian Wright (failed footballer & broadcaster!!) ;o)

    There was a piece in our local paper re Isla – she can’t reveal too much but she says a few “exciting projects” in the pipeline including a suggestion of more investigative journalism.

    So I guess we’ll see.

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    Anyone know when Isla’s last programme will be? Don’t want to miss it!!

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    Richard, I hope her last programme will be fun to be honest! lol, apparently she’s going back to her reporting roots – hope it’s not at a regional programme!

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    Isla has just presented her last show. Just a thanks to the crew, & nice weekend & I think a bit of a wink. Plus her lovely smile.

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    What was her last programme like?! What did she say at the end?

    I missed it, I thought it was going to be next Friday 😮 !! – I didn’t miss it on purpose though, I hate it when I can’t watch Five News at 7, but couldn’t today 🙁

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    There are a few clips of Isla on Youtube…perhaps someone will upload her last bulletin on there. She’s a bit of a pin up there!!

    Her last show was a normal bulletin, only right at the end after she said that was all from Five did she say “sadly” (her word) it was her last show – thanks to the Five News at 7 team, wished us a pleasant weekend & her usual gorgeous smile (with a bit of a wink I thought). Didn’t seem overly sad, but off camera – who knows?

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    cheers richard 😀 – hope someone does post it onto YouTube!

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    Isla’s final appearance has now been posted on Youtube, looking beautiful as ever (& no, not me who posted it, I don’t have such facilities to do so!!!)

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    to richard

    Just seen it 🙁 bless her.

    Richard, on YouTube, would you happen to be RICHTAYL by any chance?

    because you commented on one of my videos if that is you – islafan1 lol.

    That’s the only clips of Isla I had, and thought it would be good if I put them on YouTube 😉

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    Might be!!!!! ;o)

    Isn’t she the business?

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    You could say this…

    Isla-ve her (I love her).

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    Ahh Rich i’m Fwebword on YT!! I was searching for Isla too

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    LOL! Loads of people searching for Isla!! Cheers Baz!! :o)

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    Live from Studio Five…dear GOD!!!!!!

    Poor Isla being axed for THIS!


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    I agree!! lol

    I’m sure many people watched it for Isla (and to see what her little laughs and jokes were to be next), but she was a great presenter unlike the people on Live from Studio Five, and Five News at 7 was a great show!!!! – Now we’re stuck with some boring little studio because it had to make way for some hideous new set for that new rubbish!!!!

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    Umar Farooq

    I’m on work experience at Sky News and bump into Ian Right and Messenger every single day. Nice people, just like the others at Sky 🙂

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    Nice Isla interview in the Scotsman newspaper which you can read online. Got the best ratings for FNat7 before she left, but still no clues about what she’ll be doing next. If anything indeed is lined up, she’s very coy.

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    Ms Traquair was at Scottish BAFTA awards 2009, & was STUNNING!! Back on TV soon I think.

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    formerly islafan1

    What is she going to be on?

    Richard, I bet you’ve bookmarked the Isla Traquair search on Google News! lol

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    😀 I may do just that!!

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    No news on Isla yet, I wish she’d hurry back to our screens.

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    I miss isla

    i loved her

    she was mine

    come back isla to tv

    we all miss you

    we hate live from studio five

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