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    Tim Marshall is currently in Baghdad. From next week he’ll be joined by Anna Botting who will present live coverage from Baghdad.

    Chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay who’ll be embedded with US marines.

    Middle East correspondent Dominic Waghorn and five news correspondent Jonathan Samuels will report from Basra and US Correspondent Andrew Wilson will look at life in the Kurdish city of Irbil.

    Greg Milam will be based in the U.S.

    On Sunday 11th March, James Rubin will present a special reflecting on events in Iraq over the past four years. contributions from Iyad Allawi and Robert Cooper.

    On Thurday 15th March Adam Boulton will present a special looking at Tony Blair’s decision to send our troops to Iraq and should they continue to stay in Iraq?

    Both programmes start at 8pm.

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    Sky really are desperate now.

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    The BBC and ITV are in Iraq this week.

    ITV’s Mark Austin is in Baghdad (greenzone). Julian Manyon is also in Baghdad.

    Ben Brown in Baghdad and Huw Edwards is in Barsa

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    bbc World Fan

    BBC has fellow Canadian Lyse Doucet, Ben Brown, Huw Edwards, and Andrew North in the region. I’m enjoying the BBC’s coverage of Iraq. This is my first time seeing Huw doing the news, and he does an excellent job. Hope to see more of him on World in the future.

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