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    How hot is he? reminds me of John Cusak B)

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    Not the best presenter though!
    I think Sky have been a bit disappointed with him :unsure:

    I mean … he was signed from BBC Five live 2 seasons ago to compliment Richard Keys’ work load. He did Saturday morning football every week. Now all he seems to do is Friday Sports News, Monday Night Football and Saturday night Premiership occasionally!

    I didn’t think the change from radio to TV was that big until Payne came to Sky. A bit hesitant, not that fluent, stutters sometimes and asks some odd questions.
    I prefer Marcus Buckland as second to Keys any day!

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    I would like Rob Watton as the second main presenter. He is great presenting Spanish Football!!

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    He IS strangely attractive! You’re right, he’s not as fluent a presenter as some of the other blokes, but then the Friday night sports isn’t as obviously scripted as the rest of the time.

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