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    In a world with players like Zidane and Ronaldinho, how can George Best (I watched all the footage) be claimed as the best of all time. What am I missing? As far as I can see, Zidane is way ahead of the field. He creates magic EVERY time he touches the ball……

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    HAhahahahahahaha Zidane isn’t fit to lace George Best’s boots.

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    different times different game. zidanes favourite five letter word is money bests was soccer!. zidane may be a legend but it stops there. george best is you guessed it, simply the BEST!!!!

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    Lee Smith

    GB played on soden pitches, with a heavy ball and there was no such thing as specialist fitness and diet coaches and pain killing injections.

    Teams would play over 60 games a season at least also.

    Nowdays it’s all large squads, undersoil heating, fitness and diet coaches, pain killing injections and pitches like a carpet with light weight footballs.

    r.i.p. GB you were the best at everything you did.

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