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    Recent item on the Sport segment showing Geoff Hurst visiting the Wembley site, presumably for a fat fee, to mark the first seating installation.

    He was greatly dismissive of the efforts of other Cities, notably Brum, to seek the building of the National Stadium in their region…….even to the extent of saying ” in the future we will laugh at the schemes to take the Stadium away from London”

    Oh no we won’t Geoffrey!
    But we will remain disgusted how the Football establishment rode roughshod over genuine efforts to site the ground in a more logical central position.
    Clearly it’s OK for the plebs to always travel down to the M25 stockade, but not vice versa!

    Rather like the cricketing Lords’ fleapit, the ridiculous Wembley myth will seemingly survive.

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    i agree ….he scored 3 dodgy goals ……..should have gone to rainham in essex ! ..with lorna and anjali !

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