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    Hi, Does anyone know what fonts are used on the graphics on sky sports?

    The ones I am talking about are the ones they use on sky sports news where they put the football results on the screen.

    They are the curvy edged letters rather than the straight edged font they usually use.

    Basically I think it is a more modern looking font which i would like to use on some software I am looking to create and i think it would be a perfect font to use.

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

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    i met a font in a bar once ……. i said we dont usually get your type in here ! :ph34r:

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    Well you can download them, on TVRoom+, or here:
    All Instrustions are there. 3 Types of it, and there are Regular, Bold, and Thick:
    New, more accurate versions of Sky Font Bold, Thick and Normal
    Coming Soon…

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    The main font used on Sky Sports News is from the Futura family.

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