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    According to Press Gazette, when Sky takes over in January Julie will present the 5.30pm bulletin on Thursdays and Friday.

    Kirsty Young will present Monday to Wednesday.

    Julie will continue to present Sky News Today.

    Kate Sanderson will present the 15-minute 7pm bulletin on Thursday and Friday, and the hourly evening updates, as well as weekend bulletins.

    Sangita Myska is also joining Five News.

    Looks like Charlie Stayt is being retained as well.

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    Kate Sanderson? Why her? Get back to Newsround that’s what I say lol.

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    Hmm…I have read the article on Media Guardian, and found the following quote from the editor of Five news, Mark Calvert, interesting:

    Mark Calvert speaking to Media Guardian+–>(Mark Calvert speaking to Media Guardian)
    The new-look Five News is expected to switch its emphasis from glitzy on-screen graphics with bite-sized news to breaking exclusive stories.

    Mr Calvert said it would emphasise “original, intelligent and accessible journalism”.

    “We want it to be known for its great news stories, not for its news wall or the way Kirsty moves from one side of the newsroom to the other,” he said earlier this year.

    Emphasis AWAY from glitzy graphics, news walls, the way presenters move about the studio? With Sky in charge?! Ha! I’ll believe it when I see it!

    That’ll be quite a long day (in newsreader terms) for Julie, wouldn’t it, if she is still going to be presenting Sky News Today 10am-1pm and then Five’s 5.30pm bulletin on Thursdays and Fridays. Or will someone else be presenting SNT on those two days, perhaps?

    I wonder if Julie’s appearence on Five will mean that Five’s newsreaders will in turn be making the odd appearance on Sky News?

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    I guess it’s possible, as long as they can cut it on Sky News. But if they do, Sky would be increasing their presenter portfolio, always useful if the main presenters are on holiday or sick.

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    This is the most positive thing I?ve read so far about next year. Kirsty and Julie Etchingham fronting the News looks on paper a very good pair to anchor the shows.

    Very surprised about Kate Sanderson joining Five, I thought she was BBC through and through. I?ve gone off her style as a newsreader since she?s been on BBC Breakfast but I?d like to see her reporting again.

    What about the Reporters ? Will any of the Five team like Ben Scotchbrook ,James Bays or Emma Birchley be making the move to Osterley. I hope they do so there?ll be some familiar faces doing the news.

    The cutting of the 7pm show to fifteen minutes is very disappointing. How can they claim to be improving their news when there?s less of it. If there?s no time for discussions, as they have at present ,then the quality of the news is declining from my point of view.

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    skyspy+Nov 18 2004, 02:41 PM–>(skyspy @ Nov 18 2004, 02:41 PM)
    The cutting of the 7pm show to fifteen minutes is very disappointing. How can they claim to be improving their news when there?s less of it. If there?s no time for discussions, as they have at present ,then the quality of the news is declining from my point of view.

    In many ways it makes sense; the 5.30 bulliten is the most watched and Five say that they will replace the 15 minutes of lost news with documentaries/arts programming. Essentially it is about offering more choice to the viewer.
    For the record I’m not necessarily agreeing witht the move.

    BTW, what’s happening to Rob Butler.

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    I would say Julie would only be presenting SkyNews Today on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Five News on Thursdays and Fridays…..remember the SkyNews Today presenters are in work for 7am(at the latest).

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    Is it really true that most people watch the news at 5.30 or thereabouts? I would have thought most people who work would still be at work, or stuck in traffic/train with no driver/tube/bus etc at that time. I’ve always wondered why Live At Five was Sky’s flagship, not a later programme.
    Do people outside London end work earlier?

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    In fairness look at the type of programme that Five put out and have a think about the potential audience. They aren’t trying to appeal to the commuters that are usually stuck on trains till 6, 7 or beyond.

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    I’ll be really interested to see (hear!) if there’s any difference between Sky and Five and what it is, particularly in terms of content.

    Will ALL Sky’s reporters, domestic and international, also work for Five?

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    As I understand it Five will have their own team – similar in size to the current team – but will make use of the ‘experts’ as it were, ie the Correspondents. Possibly even Adam Boulton, although I think that may be my own interpretation. Certainly Wilson, Lee, Hurd et al will feature on Five. ITV didn’t allow Five to use their Correspondents for fairly obvious reasons.

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    Stuart Ramsey will be Five’s chief correspondent (David Chater is replacing him in Africa)

    Andy Bell (political editor) is staying on.

    And Peter Lane is returning to Five from the BBC.

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    Julie will only be doing 4 days a week on Sky News Today:

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    I’ve noticed that Five are using some of the Sky presenters on their short bulletins and updates.

    I think this is a positive move , and i hope they continue to have presenters such as anjali rao on their rota.

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