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    Yeah the likes of Ian McGaskill, Michael Fish & John Kettley are legends, but IMO Dan Corbett is a legend in the making. B)

    I know his living in the US might’ve played a role in the way he talks about the weather, but the uniqueness of his reports is second to none. The little comments like ‘good weather to take the doggie out for a walk’, or ‘best to take your fleece with you’, and his references to ‘blobs of cloud’ ( ) make him my favourite weather presenter at presenter. Not forgetting his closing catchphrase (don’t know any others who have a closing catchphrase like Dan) ‘and that’s the weather for now!’ I like Martyn Davies on ITV/ITV Meridian but he’s no comparison to Dan Corbett. ^_^

    Are there any other Dan Corbett fans out there?

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    i havent seen him but i will go online for a look at him

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    Yep!, I’m one of them!

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    Dan Corbett’s on the late afternoon/evening shift on BBC News 24 today. Here’s some quotes I’ve heard from him today:

    ‘Not a great night for getting your telescopes out’.

    Referring to high pressure as a ‘stone in the pond, diverting all the rain around it’.

    He always refers to the temperatures as ‘numbers’ or ‘digits’. He’s one of a kind for sure.

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    You are right, Dan Corbett is pretty cool. I like the way he always points at the camera at the end of the forecast and says “and that’s your weather for now”. Don’t know why I like it, but its good!

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