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    CNN:UK is to launch 2 new UK Programmes

    New morning and primetime programmes for the UK and Europe will launch on Monday, March 1 from CNN’s European headquarters in London.

    CNN Today, airing from 5am to 9am GMT, will be co-anchored by Richard Quest and Hala Gorani, replacing BizNews. The main thrust of the changes are however during primetime, with two new live editions of World Sport airing at 9:30pm and 11:30pm from Tuesday to Friday. Insight is moved to 11pm, while World Business Today shifts to 7:30pm. There will also be a new, live edition of Business International airing at 10pm every weeknight, anchored by Becky Anderson.

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    CNN used to be okay, I haven’t watched CNN properly for a long time though as (obviously enough because I’m here) I also prefer to watch Sky News!

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    CNN has an interesting world music programme. Does anyone know if and when it’s still on?

    So when I get my TV back, I can watch it! Thanks.

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