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    Just days after publicly coming out as a gay man, CNN Headline News anchor Thomas Roberts lost his job.

    The cable news channel canned the 4-6 pm daily newscast Roberts co-hosted with Kathleen Kennedy on Monday but vowed to find new assignments for both.

    Roberts acknowledged that he is gay while speaking to delegates at the annual National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association convention in Miami last weekend.

    Roberts said he has been slowly coming out at CNN for several years and admitted that being a closeted news anchor is difficult. ?When you hold something back, that?s all everyone wants to know,? he said.

    CNN Headline News will fill his show by increasing the length of two other newscasts by an hour each.

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    If he’s been sacked because of that [although it sounds more like a re-shuffle] then very poor behaviour on behalf of CNN….

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    As well as unprofessional, but, we will never know the real reason for his loss of job.

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    very mischievous journalism. They cancelled his timeslot before he ‘came out’ and his co-workers knew about him anyway.

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