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    A typo appears today on the Blunkett resignation story that’s quite funny. Tony Blair said his own personal investigations had led him to conclude “Mr Blunkett had done anything that warranted his resignation”.

    Obviously he was keen to be out then



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    speaking of blunkett, and this is the only thread on here mentioning him – here’s a pic from news24 today, a scoop by the youngster james landale about who was getting the DWP job

    adam boulton said, about the Benn speculation: “not yet official.. people have made mistakes with this before’ Hehe.

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    And what a spectacular mistake.

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    Did Sky News/Adam Boulton break the story about Blunkett’s resigination first?–>(
    Sky’s Political Editor Adam Boulton broke the news that David Blunkett was expected to resign.

    | MORE >>>

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    did u know blunkett did a bungee jump
    he liked it alot
    but his dog wasnt very impressed !

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    The Dear Beeb’s Boob:

    Their usual reply – Of course we did not get anything wrong:

    “On a fast-moving story, there is always a difficulty in getting across
    the nuances of politics on TV and radio – places which want clarity and
    certainty. Speculation ahead of government reshuffles is always
    particularly feverish, and political correspondents have to be very
    careful with the language they use to report the developing situation.

    On this occasion the political team got a tip from very senior, usually
    reliable sources that Hilary Benn was likely to get David Blunkett’s
    job. Largely this was reported in a measured fashion full of caveats;
    but on some outlets the story lost its shades of grey, and took on the
    air of certainty. This clearly gave the wrong impression.

    But wouldn’t our correspondents be doing the viewers and listeners a
    disservice if they didn’t reflect the speculation they were hearing from
    well placed and normally strong sources?”

    Yours sincerely,

    BBC News 24

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    Ah fantastic, the Beeb do love to slate Sky when they are to quick to report Breaking News and rumours as fact, but when they do it themselves it is fine.

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