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    Its another tough week for Tony Blair and the Labour government. This is Sky News coverage.

    Monday 12th July
    Gordon Brown’s spending Plans

    Peter Spencer on package (pre-speech)
    Jon Craig on package (post-speech)
    Kay Burley live in Leicester
    Michael Wilson live from Sky News Centre
    David Foster live from London Stock Exchange
    Adam Boulton is in Westminster
    Martin Brunt is in Westminster (Crime Spending)
    Francis Tusa live from Sky News Centre (Defence spending)
    Martin Lowe live from Devonport (Defence spending)
    Michelle May is in Oldham (reporting on how spending in the pass has affected the community)

    Sky will have the spending review live from the Commons at 3:30pm. There will be reaction live on Sky after the speech.

    Martin Stanford, Julie Etchingham, Mark Longhurst, Vivien Creegor, Anna Botting, Jemery Thompson, Emma Crosby and Chris Roberts from Sky News Centre.

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    Good coverage today, did anyone notice the font in the Breaking News Graphic was slightly different during Brown’s speech, and also that the split screen during the speech which gave the “key points” was changed, slightly slicker looking?

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    Wednesday 14th July
    The Butler Report

    06:00am – Oppostion Lock-in
    12:00pm – PMQ’s
    12:30pm – Butler Press Conference
    01:30pm – Blair’s Statement in the Commons, Followed by the oppositions reaction.

    Martin Stanford is presenting live from Westminster
    Michelle Clifford is in Westminster awaiting a copy of the Bulter report
    Adam Boulton is in Downing ST
    Tim Marshall live from Sky News Centre
    David Bowden on lead package

    Julie Etchingham, Mark Longhurst, Kay Burley, Jeremy Thompson, Anna Botting, Chris Roberts and Emma Crosby from Sky Centre.

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    Thursday 15th July

    11:00pm – Adam Boulton presents a live programme from Sky News Westminster with results from two by-election.

    Adam Boulton live from Sky News Westminster
    Glen O’Glaza live from Leicester
    Jenny Percival live from Birmingham

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