Are sweet shops dying out?

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    I have always liked sweets and such what but there just aren’t any sweet shops anymore. Long are the days when there was a sweet shop just up the road the closest thing now are the supermarkets which just dont have any of the old traditional old fashioned sweets which i loved as a child.

    I then set out search on the internet to see if i was able to get what i want online. To my amazment there where loads of sites that stocked just what i wanted! \the best one that i have been on for variety and ease of use is The Sweetmaster. They have everything that i wanted and even had arificial additive free and sugar free sweets which is great since i am diabetic. They even had sweet peanuts (my favourite!)

    I strongly suggest for anyone to visit this site!

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    Texaspete+Aug 15 2005, 08:16 PM–>(Texaspete @ Aug 15 2005, 08:16 PM)
    We much prefer and

    This site also sells Hand Made Sweets, made the old fashioned way.

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