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    Haven’t seen her for a while, is she still in the job or was the brief period she was on just a trial or something like that?

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    Vanished into a big box under the SSN desk along with Becky Jago

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    Becky Jago hasn’t disappeared shes on Anglia News sometimes presenting
    heres a bit of her profile
    Becky has recently been heard teaming up with Johnny Vaughan on Capital FM as Showbiz Correspondent. Becky has also presented BBC1?s Newsround programme both as the anchor and OB reporter, and co-presented GMTV’s Entertainment Today.

    After completing a degree in Media Performance with Radio Journalism from Luton University, Becky was determined to find work in the broadcasting industry. Her first job as Vibe FM’s station dogsbody soon turned into stand-in travel presenter and film reviewer, and soon the permanent position of co-presenter of the Breakfast Show.

    Whilst taking part in a television documentary, Anglia Television spotted Becky. She soon became their weather girl, presenting live every night, often on location. Becky also co-presented Channel 5?s topical debate programme, The Wright Stuff.

    Becky?s other interests include; playing the violin (to grade 8 standard,) singing (also to grade 8 standard,) playing the piano, drama, dancing, football and keep fit videos!

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