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    Well, we almost had a trifecta of my favorite presenters today. The ever beautiful Lisa was presenting weather and the stunning AnJali was on the news desk this morning. The only thing that would have been better would have been if Zoe was on the sports desk.

    Does anyone think that AnJali is getting better looking every day? I think she might be losing some weight? Someone earlier said she is having a baby, but maybe she just had one. Any thoughts?

    And, did anyone notice Lisa got a haircut, or is at least styling it a little different today.

    I love Sky News!

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    Well agreed up to the point you mentioned Zoe!!!! :unsure:

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    Zoe has just had a kid

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    Well, Lisa is still my all-time favorite (and the best looking woman in TV), but there is something about Zoe that I really like. She has a great smile and nice eyes. And AnJali just keeps getting better. So, why does charliefhead not like Zoe?

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    I agree exactly with you guys.

    Lisa is the only weather woman for me by miles and miles of smiles.

    Zoe is absolutely gorgeous at the sports desk (certainly good enough to leave home for) and the rest could be let go so that we can have her 100% of the time.

    As for Anjeli, well lets just say stunningly attractive with an amazing voice, move over Julie, Lorna and Kay I’m afraid.

    Looks like the contributers to this forum all have an amazing taste in women.


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    Looks like Sky have an amazing taste in women.

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