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    A major terror plot to detonate bombs on flights between the UK and the United States has been foiled by British anti-Terrorist police.

    There is a BBC News Special being simulcast on BBC One/BBC News 24 with Jane Hill and Julian Worricker from 10:15am-11.45am. Richard Lister is at Heathrow Airport, Chrissie Stourt at Gatwick Airport, James Helm at Manchester Airport, Lorna Gordon at Glasgow Airport, Denis Murray at Belfast Airport and Sangita Myska in Birmingham.

    ITV News have a special programme being shown on ITV One from 10:30am-11:30am with Alastair Stewart in the studio, Mark Austin at Heathrow Airport and Nicholas Owen at Gatwick Airport.

    Sky News is being presented by Chris Roberts at Heathrow Airport, with Mike McCarthy at Manchester, Andy Moore at Bristol Airport, Mark White in Westminster, James Matthews at Glasgow Airport.

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    ITV News: Alastair Stewart in the studio. Nick Owen at Gatwick, Mark Austin at Heathrow, Tim Rogers at Manchester airport and Nina Hossain in the Informtation Centre, John Ray at Scotland yard. ITV News are using a Information strap, slug and a ticker on their news special this morning.

    Sky News: Chris Rogers at Heathrow, David Blenvis at JFK, Andy Moore at Bristol airport, Mike McCarthy at Manchester airport. Sky are using a ‘more at’ bug.





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    JT on Sky News from 2pm.

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    Alistair Stewart will anchor London Tonight from Heathrow.

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    Been out for the day, did Sky just have Chris Roberts and JT at Heathrow today?

    Also, were the BBC News bulletins co-presented from the airports also?

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    The news broke at around 540 am this morning…Who announced it on Sky News?

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    Hopefully this can answer some of the questions about Sky News’ coverage today:

    Sky News Timeline

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    Any images of JT & EC presenting together

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    bbc World Fan

    BBC world had a report filled by Fiona Bruce. She was going on holiday, and since she couldn’t she filled a report. Also they had Frank Gardner the security correspondent fill a story. The news was anchored by Alasite and Daljiwit. The BBC has had reports all day, but I didn’t to see the news until 5:00 p.m. I will try to watch it again later, and see if they have anything new on it.

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    Participant Sky News is claiming victory over rivals saying it was the first television station to break the news of the foiled terror plot at 5.53am yesterday morning.

    The channel also claimed it had constant high viewing figures compared to BBC News throughout the morning.

    Sky News Sunrise, presented by Lorna Dunkley and Steve Dixon who went on air seven minutes early to break the news, enjoyed strong figures throughout the morning and recorded a 3.4% share in multi-channel homes compared to 1.4% for BBC News.

    As the story of the terror plot unfolded throughout the morning, between 6am and 9am viewers continued to tune into Sky News first. The share for Sky News Today anchored by Chris Roberts from Heathrow was just over 5% (4.54% for BBC News 24) and at its peak 317,000 viewers tuned in at 9.45am.

    Over 3.1million viewers (and three times the average number) tuned into Sky News at some point across the day to get updates on the terror plot and the disruption caused to the UK?s airports.

    When the Home Secretary John Reid gave his press conference at 12.15pm nearly 200,000 viewers (and almost 4% share) were watching Sky News Lunchtime Live with Kay Burley, compared to just under140,000 (2.73% share) for BBC News 24.

    Overall, Sky News enjoyed over four times the average share for the day with a 3% share in multi-channel homes.

    Viewing figures source: BARB/InfosysTV All Inds in MC Homes

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    parts of a West Virginia airport has been evacuated. Airport director said: test on 2 plastic containers showed possible explosive.

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    Once the plane is over the ocean, very discreetly bring all of your gear into the toilet. You might need to make several trips to avoid drawing attention. Once your kit is in place, put a beaker containing the peroxide / acetone mixture into the ice water bath (Champagne bucket), and start adding the acid, drop by drop, while stirring constantly. Watch the reaction temperature carefully. The mixture will heat, and if it gets too hot, you’ll end up with a weak explosive. In fact, if it gets really hot, you’ll get a premature explosion possibly sufficient to kill you, but probably no one else.

    After a few hours – assuming, by some miracle, that the fumes haven’t overcome you or alerted passengers or the flight crew to your activities – you’ll have a quantity of TATP with which to carry out your mission. Now all you need to do is dry it for an hour or two.…et_terror_labs/

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