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    Suggest the ‘Adam Boulton is brilliant’ insert, which is presently being shown ad nauseum, does not do the lad any favours.

    Complete with his assertion thar he is a “major personality”, his rolling white eyes, and the wearing of his strange hat – whilst being beseiged by his fan club – rather demeans the valuable work that he does for the channel.

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    I agree the promo is a bit crap.

    With regard to the hat and the fan club, however, those scenes were shot at a Boston sports bar as the Red Sox progressed through the playoffs and eventually won the World Series. This coincided with the Democratc Party’s convention in the city which AB was covering.

    As an aside my missus has a rather apt nickname for old Adam – MR SMIRKY

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    I also find it fairly fake the way the ad has Blair saying

    “I always look forward to Adam’s questions”

    As if any politician actually looks forward to being fired questions by the press. If Blair actually looks forward to Adam’s qustions, i would suggest that they are not effective at probing issuses. I do not think this is the case, so I see no reason for putting that quote in the ad.

    Call me nit-picky?!?

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    hamishnewhouse+Feb 4 2005, 01:38 PM–>(hamishnewhouse @ Feb 4 2005, 01:38 PM)

    Call me nit-picky?!?

    Not so much ‘nit-picky’ as failing to feel irony and sarcasm.

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    stop talking about adams hat ….it might go to his head ! i remember him on tvam 30 years ago and hes been mumblin ever since. but we all love him , …someone has too !

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    The only redeeming feature of this slightly nausiating promo is that it is the only piece you will ever hear featuring this protagonist without an ‘ehh..’ or an ‘umm..’ framing every five words. He badly needs some delivery work….and a gym membership……

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    Oh erm… come one, err… its not easy to ummm, think on your feet all the time. As for gym membership, I’d say you could give them out to almost every male journalist on television. Thought it was very revealing when during the tsunami coverage you saw them without jackets on.

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    err, some are, ummmm more revealing than others

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