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    As an outsider from Ireland looking in I would definitely give the games to London. Although there is not much between London, Paris & Madrid, Paris did hold the World Cup in 1998 and Spain held the 1992 Olympic Games I think its time London got the chance to show the world what they are capable of. They have three airports and with the channel tunnel connecting them to mainland Europe getting to London wouldn’t be a problem. I think that New York is capable of holding the games but security would be a nightmare trying to get through. And the USA also held the 1994 World Cup. Moscow is out of the question as far as I?m concerned. It would be too difficult for all the countries to get to. Lots of fans would be looking to get direct flights to the games and for Moscow that is more difficult than the rest. And they held the 1980 games.

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    Hi guys
    Like Tippguy
    I’m an outsider(from Ireland).
    But I do think) and told Adam Boulton so he could impress on TB), that, as he was in at the start of the bid that, if London does get the 2012 games then as I said above, surely TB’d want to be in at the end and preside over the games themselves.

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    I cant say I particuarly care what city gets the rights. Although I’d say a choice between London, Madrid and New York.

    Transport and security will be hell for all of them!

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    I loved the way Sydney did the Olympics – now that was awesome!

    (Either I have a great down under bias or I’ve left the trans-Tasman rivalry alone for a minute.)

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    I think it’s going to be a close run thing. I was reading that the members who were down to vote for New York may now switch to the London bid after the stadium debacle. If that turns out to be true then it could be neck and neck with Paris. I hope London gets it – about time we had something to shout about!

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