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Rebecca Williams - Biography and Images

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Rebecca Williams is a presenter and reporter for Sky News.

She was previously a reporter for BBC News.

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Nick Quraishi is a presenter on Sky News

Jamie Weir is a presenter on Sky News and a reporter on Sky Sports News He was also a reporter for the now defunct Setanta Sports News Channel.

Tom Macleod is a presenter for Sky News. He has previously worked for Sky Sports and was the writer and presenter of the Sky documentary ‘Concussion: The Impact on Sport’. He has worked for the BBC and on commercial radio covering news, music, and sports…

Eric Johnson is a presenter on Sky News He is a freelance broadcast journalist and video editor and can also be seen on Bloomberg and Channel 5.

Angela Barnes is a presenter on Sky News. She occasionally fronts Sky’s weekly consumer technology show, Swipe.

  • Louise Cook

    Please educate your reporters (Rebecca Williams especially) that the letter ‘H’ is spelt and pronounced AITCH – there is no aitch at the beginning of the word. It sounds so uneducated and slovenly when pronounced incorrectly. Thank you. Louise Cook

  • Anonymous

    Louise Cook – get a life please