Faisal Islam: Biography and Images

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Faisal Islam – born 1978 – is the Political Editor of Sky News.

He was the Economics Editor of Channel 4 News, until 1 June 2014, when he was replaced by Paul Mason, the programme’s former Culture and Media Editor.

Islam formally joined Sky News in 2014 as its Political Editor, succeeding Adam Boulton, who now presents an evening news programme on the same channel.

Islam was economics correspondent for The Observer newspaper. He became business correspondent for Channel 4 News in May 2004, later becoming its Economics Editor, a position he held until 1 June 2014.

He has reported on the ups and downs of the corporate world from government-subsidised arms dealers and failing PFI contracts to how bankers are trading weather.

Sally Lockwood is a news reporter for Sky News.

Olivia Kinsley is a reporter for Sky News. Kinsley also reports and presents on ITV News and Channel 5.

Willem Marx is a reporter on Sky News

Sarah Hajibagheri is a reporter for Sky News

Paul Hawkins is a reporter on Sky News The freelance journalist can also be seen on BBC London News, BBC World Service and BBC Asian Network.

  • Stuart Leveson

    When the combined annual income of all the major international companies in the world, amounts to less than the amount of money taken in by the EU every year from the 28 member countries, how can the EU possibly be allowed to continue with their failure to produce any annual audited accounts, when these other companies are required to produce this information.

  • Victor Johnson

    Hi Faisal I’ve been trying all day for confirmation of a meeting
    released by Ian Duncan Smith MP on BBC news channel that Turkey and the
    EU meet later this month to start their joining of the EU.
    Can you try and confirm it

    As an undesider this could change my view considering that it was
    confirmed on the great debate by the in team said this would not happen
    in my lifetime.