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Darren McCaffrey is Dublin corespondent for Sky News.

Previously he worked as a political reporter and a producer in Sky News’ Westminster newsroom.

Sally Lockwood is a news reporter for Sky News.

Olivia Kinsley is a reporter for Sky News. Kinsley also reports and presents on ITV News and Channel 5.

Sky News is opening a bureau in Dublin to strengthen its presence in Ireland. Political correspondent Darren McCaffrey will become Dublin correspondent and will be permanently based in the capital alongside a dedicated news crew to cover the latest news… Read more

Willem Marx is a reporter on Sky News

Sarah Hajibagheri is a reporter for Sky News

Paul Hawkins is a reporter on Sky News The freelance journalist can also be seen on BBC London News, BBC World Service and BBC Asian Network.

  • Has taken over as the ‘eh’ king of television, not just Sky. Terrible commentary on any story he talks about due to this mannerism. Cannot string a single sentence without use of ‘eh’. It has become a game in our household to count how many times he comes out with it. Record so far is 103 times for a piece he did that ran for three minutes! I thought Adam Boulton was bad, but this takes things to a new level. Sky, Darren sort it out – not good.

  • James Walters

    Why does Darren constantly use word fillers such as ‘eh’ ‘um’ – sounds terrible. He cannot string one complete sentence together without using these, especially ‘eh’. Last report carried out on sky news saw him use ‘eh’ 42 times! This has become a game my family and I now play – guessing the number of ‘eh’s before he starts talking. It has become impossible to listen to what he is actually reporting on due to this very annoying mannerism. Sort it out Darren PLEASE.

  • Iain Trainer

    Totally agree, have to mute tv when he is reporting on sky news. Don’t know why he’s not been picked up on it yet.