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Friday 5 November 2010 • 1 Comment
12am: Chris Eakin’s 11pm broadcast is replayed
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1am – 6am: Naga Munchetty
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Breakfast with former regional presenter Gavin Grey
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8:30am – 11am: Simon McCoy presents his usual morning shift
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11am – 1pm: Peter Dobbie
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1pm – 5pm: Emma Crosby presents BBC News at One
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5pm: Chris Rogers presents the 5pm Hour and ‘The Six’
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7pm – 10pm: Peter Dobbie
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10pm – 12am: Chris Rogers
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12am – 6am: Alistair Yates
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6am – 10am: Breakfast with Charlie Stayt and Anne Davies
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10am – 2pm: Peter Dobbie
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2pm – 5pm: Gavin Grey
5pm – 12am: Chris Rogers