BBC Tennis Presenters, Commentators & Pundits

  • R Turner

    On Sunday night we enjoyed having no commentators throughout the match- how peaceful and enjoyable. Why do commentators feel they have to speak all the time. It’s getting worse, today through the Murray match they talked incessantly, even when they were playing. At least years ago they had the courtesy to stop speaking when play was about to resume. I know they may be paid a lot so feel they have to speak all the time but it would be far more enjoyable if they made the occasional comment and spoke when they had something interesting to say rather than say what we can all see.

  • Louise

    The grass is more worn on one side because it gets more sun = weaker grass more prone to wear away

  • Gaynor Roni Giles

    I would like to know who to complain to- how did the commentator, at the end of murrays match know that the people dressed in orange wigs and plaid hats were English- he reported that Murray was going over to talk to English supporters. Are we not the United Kingdom and are they therefore not British if we have to label them as anything.

    • Anne Thomson

      Me too! When he equated GB team supporters as English supporters methinks he uses the term British and English to mean the same. He spoiled the match for me because he was so negative about Murray so many times during his commentary I felt he wanted his opponent to win. Many of his comments were also inane – such as wondering if Murray would have lost the fire in his belly for tennis following his marriage and the birth of his daughter. Hey, Murray is a World class sportsman in his prime, this presenter needs to wise up and get into the 21st century. There are several excellent tennis commentators on the BBC why we were lumbered with Simon Goon and his sidekick for such a historic event is baffling.

  • Ron Gruitt

    It would appear that a number of BBC Tennis commentators are not aware that the vast majority of viewers who watch tennis on the BBC have an in depth knowledge of the game , otherwise , many of their comments would not be so stupid

  • Tessa Timms

    Does anyone at the BBC ever look at these comments. If they did they would review the quality of the commentators they allow to talk over the tennis matches, Today the BBC commentaors over the Lopez/Berdych match have made continuous unconstructive and innapropriate comments throughout the match. Please turn them OFF.

  • Anonymous

    the commentry between inverdale and fleming during match between berdych and lopez was disgraceful it kept putting us off with all the twittering had to keep using the mute button.

  • Shirley

    How I agree with the comments made by several people, some going back to last year, that the commentators appear have no understanding of the etiquette of watching tennis. Quiet during play and possibly relative remarks between rallies. Having their almost continuous conversation is like sitting next to a couple of nattering parrots.

  • Karen

    Despite all our complaints about overly chatty, silly, totally unnecessary commentary throughout ALL the Tennis matches, the BBC show extreme arrogance by ignoring us and allowing John Inverdale, Andrew Castle, Andrew Cotter etc to ruin every match. They clearly have no love or respect of the game, they need to watch and listen to a match Dan Maskell or John Barret did commentary for. Constant chat is not needed. We need to campaign very strongly for a mute button to enable us Tennis fans to enjoy and appreciate the game, just hearing the crowd, sound of play, Umpire etc.